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Frequently Asked Question!

Yes, why not…! You can avail of your creative design box as well. However, just specify your designed box idea. We will make it real for you. Moreover, we have tried our best to put all the considerable box styles on our website. Furthermore, just give us your box template, and we will create a unique box for your products.

Yes, we offer you flexible custom box styles. However, you can customize the boxes according to your imaginative style. Moreover, you can choose from the list of box styles available on our website. However, there are plenty of options starting from Tuck-End Boxes to Double Wall Front Tuck End Mailers Boxes. Just grab the required box style of your choice now…!

Yes! We accept orders of at least 100 units per average design style. However, if you are ordering a specific box style, order 100 pieces. Moreover, our minimum order quantity is a hundred pieces at one time. If you order in bulk, you can avail dramatic discount on the wholesale boxes.

Our request for a quote form is the easiest method of requesting a quote from us.

Head on over to our form and fill out all required information and submit your request.

Our sales representative will get back to you in 1 – 2 business days.

CCB offers an extended line of packaging options. Within these packaging lines, we also have an array of styles to serve all concerns and packaging needs you may have.

Here are the lines of packaging we currently offer:  

  • Folding Carton
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid
  • Bags
  • Displays
  • Inserts
  • Labels & Stickers
To determine the correct box size you need, measure your product left to right (length), front to back (width) and bottom to top (depth). Add 1/8″ – 1/4″ to each dimension to give a little bit of wiggle room to your product!
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